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It's Simple

Natural food that’s instinctively healthy made with care from our family team based in Albany, Great Southern West Australia.

Fresh wholesome foods that are rich in nutrients fed RAW and Unprocessed is an essential diet for your pet companions.

It’s simple we care about our pet companions - Nature knows best and we believe that using natural foods suited to a pet’s evolutionary diet will enhance their health and happiness.

Our aim is to provide your pet companion with natural wholesome raw meats, balanced meals and tasty treats which they will thrive on and actually love to eat. Free of artificial flavours and colours, no added fillers, chemicals or preservatives.

 Quality Raw pet meat that is Naturally Healthy for your Cats and Dogs
  Available in range of sizes : 500g, 1kg, & 3kg packages
  Complete & Balanced Meals in easy portion sizes
  Sold in WA independent supermarkets & Pet food retailers in the chiller and frozen Pet food sections.

Southern Raw's meat products are made from 100% natural produce and ingredients. Our meats are sourced locally throughout the Great Southern of WA, and are processed and packaged inhouse at our Albany facility to ensure freshness and top quality. Southern Raw Pet Meats products come minced, diced, fresh or frozen in pre-measured cryo-vac bags for easy raw feeding.  

Natural food. Instinctively Healthy. 

Southern Raw Pet Meats trades as wholesale business and are proudly West Australian owned & run. Stocking our products at local West Australian Independent Stores & Pet Food retailers. Want to know where to buy our natural pet food products? 

 Where to buy – Locate Stockists : Where to Buy

 View our Product Range : Our Range


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Totally furry and All Natural 
Dehydrated Kangaroo Ears + Fur ??

?? Healthy & Tasty Chew Treat for All Dog Breeds 
?? Low fat alternative to Pigs or Cow Ears. 
?? Natural de - wormer & digestion aid 
?? Promotes Healthy Teeth and gums
??Hypoallergenic Treat - Good choice for Pets with allergies or food intolerance

These ears are totally furry and 100% all natural. The hair provides engaging texture and taste for Dogs, whilst acting as a natural de wormer and aiding in cleaning the gastrointestinal tract. Good choice for supporting healthy teeth and gums, as the munching of ears aids in removing tartar build up and chewing helps to strengthens gums.

With natural products you may find variations to individual sizing, just like in nature.

Competition Winner!!
All Breeds Trials Albany

Competition Winner!! All Breeds Trials Albany

Thanks to all the wonderful fur parents and companions that stopped by to try & buy our natural treats over the weekend!

Congratulations to Sara & Doug for winning the competition hamper!

Lucky pooch Lia the Irish wolfhound gets awesome range of our wholesome treats !

100% preservative free ?
No added flavours or fillers ?
Made from one local ingredients ?

We look forward to seeing you all again at the agility trials in May!!