Product Details

Alpaca Prey Mix

Healthy Lean Meat Mix  - Meat, Bone & Organs

A delicious and tender meat for pets. Alpaca is a great choice if you looking for low fat meat type.

Rich in protein
Low in Fat and Calories
100% free of Preservatives & Chemicals
 With NO added Colours, Flavours and Fillers
Local Great Southern Meat

For your raw feeding info our Alpaca prey mix contains
12% to 15% bone, about 10% organs, and the rest muscle, fat and connective tissue. 

Where does the Alpaca come from ?
Our Alpaca used to create this prey mix is a local product – Sourced from Great Southern WA in Donnybrook. You will find in this mix Natural Alpaca Meat, Fat and connective tissue, Crushed alpaca rib bones, and Alpaca organs(Liver, Kidney, Heart, Lung ,Trachea).

Local WA Raw Pet Meats. Made from WA Ingredients. 100% free of preservatives, no added colours, no added flavours and fillers.  Processed and packaged by our Team at our Albany Facility. 

What makes our Products Great!

100% Natural

NO Artificial Ingredients

NO Fillers

NO Chemicals