Product Details

Pet Mince Kangaroo

This Pet mince contains our Lean Kangaroo Meat and Freshly Crushed Kangaroo edible Bones. For your raw feeding info Meat to Bone ratio is approx 80:20. Ever have trouble getting enough fresh bone into raw diet? Feeding this mix as 1/2 Dogs daily meal would give you 10% daily bone intake! ??

Aim for this product is a cheaper alternative to our premium kangaroo products which are predominantly whole meat with less than 3% bone. This Pet Mince contains freshly crushed Roo bone which is safe for your pets to digest being soft edible bone types (Ribs,Top Backbone) and broken down to 3mm.

What you won’t find in this Product??
No Added water, No preservatives, No other meat types

Interested in this new mix – check in with your closest stockist for further details on pricing and availability.

All Southern Raw’s products are
??FREE of preservatives, fillers, Colours and added extras
??Made from 100% Australian ingredients
??Processed and packaged by our family team in Albany WA

What makes our Products Great!

100% Natural

NO Artificial Ingredients

NO Fillers

NO Chemicals