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Kangaroo Jerky

Our dehydrated treats are a great option for use in training for pets, easy to store and are 100% natural. No added chemicals, preservatives, fillers or artificial flavours. 

Our Jerky treats are 100%  natural made from Australian Kangaroo, sourced locally in the Great Southern of WA. Southern Raw’s Jerky Treats are slowly dehydrated to make sure all those top -quality nutrients are locked in to maintain the goodness of these wholesome treats.  Kangaroo Jerky Treats are Hyper-Allergenic, High in Protein, Low in Fat, and contain a good source of Natural Omega-3 Fatty Acids. 

No more then 10% of your fur companions daily diet should come from treats, unless otherwise directed by your veterinary.


What makes our Products Great!

100% Natural

NO Artificial Ingredients

NO Fillers

NO Chemicals