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Unipet Mix

Southern Raw Pet Meat's UniPet mix is a natural raw meal made with quality fresh raw meat and local Australian sourced ingredients. Unipet mix has all the essential ingredients mixed together in the correct proportions to make a complete and balanced meal suitable for maintaining health for Cats & Dogs.

Free of preservatives with no added fillers, artificial flavours and chemicals.

Ingredients : Kangaroo meat, Lamb (meat, fat), Kangaroo Organs (Liver,Kidney,Heart,Lungs,Trachea), Freshly Crushed Kangaroo Bone, Kale, Whole Egg, Rosemary, Multivitamins premix, Taurine.

Southern Raw Pet Meats has developed all our complete and balanced meals in consultation with a Pet Food Industry Nutritionist to ensure our raw “Complete and Balanced” meals have the correct portions of essential nutrients and are formulated to industry standards. 

What makes our Products Great!

100% Natural

NO Artificial Ingredients

NO Fillers

NO Chemicals